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Medicine Program:
The Medicine program seeks to achieve the leadership in medical education and healthcare, have a significant impact on supporting the Saudi society health and contribute effectively to medical science and practice around the world.
Program Objectives:
• Educate and train health manpower through an innovative learning environment.
• Discover new scientific research areas and provide important scientific contributions to the world.
• Provide high quality medical services to Saudi society.
• Integrate the education, research and medical services into a comprehensive environment.

Nursing Program:
The nursing program seeks to train generations of leaders in nursing, in clinical training and education and researches that help shaping the health care policy for graduation a group of nurses in the field of national health care and educational institutions, with emphasizing on timeless values of continuous pursuit of excellence, innovation and commitment to improve nursing education and human resources development, and providing nursing services based on scientific evidence to serve individuals, families and society.
Program Objectives:
• Integrate the concepts of care, compassion, mutual respect and limits of professional nursing role into all aspects of nursing care and therapeutic relationship.
• Develop the logical and analytical thinking and effective communication skills of students while providing nursing care to their patients, and leadership, management and nursing intervention skills.
• Evaluate self-learning abilities and effective and continuous development of the nursing profession.
• Use current evidence and research findings to provide the rationale for nursing interventions and patient care measures, and maintain optimal patient health.
• Encourage faculty members in carrying out scientific researches by the formation of research teams with the participation of students.
• Cooperation with health associations and organizations in providing care to the local community through holding health education seminars and free health days.
Work in harmony within the health care team and cooperate with organizations outside the practice of nursing.
Respiratory Care Program:
With the rapid development of the provision of health care and attention to quality aspects in the provision of such service, several health majors began to emerge, including the major of respiratory care, which is concerned about the diagnosis and treatment of respiratory diseases.
As The role of the Respiratory Care Specialist is important in the provision of specialized health care within the medical team and the availability of great clinical and academic capabilities at King Fahad Medical City, attention has thus been paid to such major to be one of the main majors that are offered within the programs of ALFahad Medical Faculty.
Program Objectives:
• Focus on the importance of the practice of major based on scientific and professional standards approved and supported by evidence.
• Focus on the importance of providing health care to the patient.
• Pay attention to the continuous professional development of students.
• Raise the awareness of the community in everything that is concerned about the field of diagnosis and treatment of the respiratory system in cooperation with other majors.
• Contribute to the development of the respiratory care profession through active participation in aspects of continuous professional development.
• Collaborate constructively with similar educational programs to enhance the major and share experiences.
• Support accredited scientific associations and councils concerned about the development of standards governing the practice of major.
• Graduation of respiratory care practitioners who are able to provide specialized care efficiently based on professional ethics.​