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Admission requirements
a. Admission requirements for new applicants:
1. Obtaining a high school certificate (Scientific Section) with a measured percentage of not less than:
90% for medicine, 85% for medical sciences and 80% for nursing.
2. The applicant must be graduated in the last five years of study.
3. Performing the Qudurat test which is accredited by the National Center for Assessment.
4. Performing the Tahseely test which is accredited by the National Center for Assessment.
5. The differentiation process between applicants will be based on the measured percentage approved for the differentiation process between students as follows:
     • Percentage of the GPA of the high school is 30%
     • Percentage of the general Qudurat test is 30%
     • Percentage of the Tahseely test is 40%
6. The graduates of international and non-Saudi high schools should review the attached schedule.
7. Paying SAR1, 000 as admission fee which is part of the tuition fees in case of admission and will be refunded if the student is not admitted, but it will not be refunded if the student withdraws.
8. Passing the personal interview and the English test in the English Language Center in the University (or TOEFL or IELTS)

b. Admission requirements for the transferred students:
1. The student must be enrolled in a university or a health college recognized by the Ministry of Education.
2. The student's average shall not be less than very good, with proof of this being provided.
3. Passing the personal interview and medical examination.
4. Finishing the transfer procedures during the period specified by the College.
5. The final decision to accept or reject the transfer or the equivalence of the courses is rests with the Main Admission Committee.​

Saudi CurriculumAmerican Curriculum British Curriculum
​Applied Health​Nursing​MedicineApplied HealthNursingMedicineApplied HealthNursingMedicine
​ ​ ​High School ​ ​ ​High School ​ ​ ​High School
85/100​80/10090/100​85/10080/10090/100​12th Grade Report Card*
​ ​ ​Qudurat ​ ​ ​SAT I Test (before 2016)​Two Subjects in A2 Level Related to Selected Major
Tahseely ​ ​​ ​SAT I Test (After 2016 )Two Subjects in AS Level Related to Selected Major

 ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

​ ​


Personal Interview ​ ​

​ ​ ​**SAT II (In Two Subjects Related to Selected Major)​Four Subjects in GCSE Level Related to Selected Major
​ ​ ​Personal Interview ​ ​ ​Personal Interview
Note: If the applicant has graduated from different systems, he/she has to come in person to the admission office in the college.​ ​ ​


* Home schooling system is not accepted.
** The subjects accepted in the SAT 2 test are biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics 2.
*** The college offers an English language proficiency test (EPT) required from all applicants, which is an alternative to TOEFL or IELTS tests. The test date will be determined after applying through the College website.

Registration Steps:
The registration process is 100% electronic and does not require coming to the College:

Step 1- Admission Pre-Requisites:
1.Pay SAR1,000 as admissions fee and prepare electronic/scanned receipt:
Bank Details
Riyadh Bank
Self-Financing fund Development Fund at King Fahad Medical City Account Number: 2480333359946
IBAN number: SA9620000002480333359946
2.Prepare a scanned copy for all the required documents found here:
Documents Checklist:
     • Application fee (SAR 1,000) receipt voucher.
     • High school Graduation Certificate and Transcript (Report Card) stamped by Ministry of Education*
     • Tahseely score record
     • Qudurat score record
     • TOEFL score record or IELTS score record (the college offers the EPT exam for those who did not take the TOEFL or IELTS)
     • SAT I & SAT II scores records or any other standardized test(s) score(s)
     • National ID for Saudis or Iqama for Non-Saudis*
     • Colored photo 4*6 size*
     • Official transcript of previous College/University (if you finished 1 semester or more)
     • Any additional documents to support the application.

Step 2- Submit Application:
1.Sign up for a new account using a valid email address so you can be able to complete the process. You will only be contacted via email throughout the registration process.
2. Complete the online application.

Once all applications are filtered, you will be contacted via email regarding your application's status.