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Basic medical science laboratories
Message section:
Prepare students fit in preparation for Scientific Research in Applied Medical Sciences and the various specialties.
Support medical research and the dissemination of Applied contributing to scientific and technical progress.
Supporting the continuing education and training for all sections of the Medical City  and emerging health colleges in basic medical sciences.
To be the leading Basic Medical Science laboratories in the region with excellence in medical education & advance health care.
Our laboratories:
Originated laboratories basic medical sciences since arisen College in 1426, a laboratory teaching in the first place where it supported these laboratories with the latest equipment and laboratory instruments developed in addition to an integrated team with high efficiency and with different specialties, allowing a unique service to students, researchers and faculty members and contain our laboratories on several sections, including
(Anatomy -  physiology - biochemistry - Histology - Pathology - Microbiology - and Pharmacology).
It also contains our laboratories on sophisticated equipment and a database of tissue slices the more than ten thousand slice, in addition to the laboratory anatomy which contains a large number of pieces and anatomical parts and plastic bodies, educational with minute details, which are not available in many medical schools, allowing us the opportunity to collaborate with.