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​Clinical Skills Center (CSC)
Established 2006 
Faculty of Medicine, King Fahad Medical City
A multi-disciplinary Center providing education and hands-on training, in basic clinical skills as well as advanced simulation based training using High fidelity/virtual Simulators in a simulated hospital setting, to the undergraduate medical students, residents, nurses and faculty members.
Mission: to provide a setting in which students/trainees can gain competence and confidence in technical clinical skills in various procedures in a safe and realistic environment based on established knowledge, patient safety, evidence-based practice and professionalism.
Vision: To be the most advanced and recognized clinical skills center and medical simulation reference icon in KSA and Middle East, in the development, implementation, and evaluation of curricula that use simulation in teaching and assessment.
CSC stands on 2500m² which is divided into two major areas:
1. Hospital simulation area (simulation area) which consists of (Operation room OR, emergency and intensive care room ER/ICU, obstetric and gynecology room OBG, pediatric room, inpatient rooms) controlled through 3 control rooms by 6 control stations where we simulate for clinical procedures, clinical decisions with problem solving and medical interventions.
2. Clinics simulation area (standardized patient SP area) which consists of 19 SP rooms (12 for males and 7 for females) controlled by two SP control rooms. These rooms where designed mainly for training and simulation of communication skills, history taking and physical examinations and also for OSCEs.
CSC also contains 4 debriefing rooms, 2 SP locker rooms, 3 stores and number of staff offices.
One of the best CSC characteristics is the flexibility in room's utilization and the ability to conduct more than one activity at the same time.