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KFMC FOM is a new institution that aims at becoming a leading medical school in the country and in the region. It is still building its physical and academic infrastructure. It has to be creative and innovative to find areas of excellence where it can take the lead in the academic field. KFMC FOM will seek academic collaboration with selected universities in the US, EU, Canada, Japan, China, Korea, HongKong, Singapore, and Malaysia.
The first priority for KFMC FOM from international collaboration at the present stage is supporting the quality of teaching and learning either by visiting professor or by sending FOM exchange students overseas. The second priority is recognition, accreditation, and reputation of FOM which will be achieved through links with reputable institutions overseas. This objective is directly linked to the first priority above. Research collaboration will become important when the research infra-structure is completed, more permanent staff are recruited, and postgraduate programs are initiated. Collaboration in administration matters development is not a priority at all because local Saudi expertise is very capable and needs only encouragement and motivation to benchmark with the highest available international standards.
Visiting Professors
Professors from collaborating institutions come to FOM for a 1-1.5 weeks and undertake the following tasks: (a) Teaching at least 1-2 lectures for each of the 6 years of study (b) Conducting / observing and making recommendations about other teaching activities: PBL sessions, practical sessions, clinical rounds. (c) Act as external examiners: reviewing examination questions, marking answer scripts, and attending examiners' meetings (d) Curriculum review / development: Review and make recommendations about the curriculum. (e) Run specific faculty development workshops depending on their expertise (f) faculty evaluation using international benchmarks by holding one-to-one sessions with FOM lecturers in their field focusing on teaching and research. (g) Public lectures for the general public on a health issue related to their specialty. This is very important for building credibility and reputation for KFMC FOM locally (h) Debriefing the dean and associate deans at the end of the visit with recommendations.
Student Exchange 
Student exchange stimulates KFMC FOM students and exposes them to different experiences. A paper is attached on sending KFMC FOM students to institutions overseas. We also need to bring self-paying foreign students from collaborating institutions (US, EU, Canada, Japan, China, Korea, HongKong, Singapore, and Malaysia)  to attend our 4-8 week summer medical school that will have academic activities run by the associate deans for academic and clinical affairs (PBL, lectures, clinical rotations, and English and/or Arabic language) as well as extra-curricular activities run by the Student affairs department (umra, touristic visits, cultural activities, and community service).
Recognition and Accredetation
Working with our collaborating institutions we should seek to get accreditation and recognition in the US and Europe. This will make it easier for our students to seek postgraduate training.

Monitoring Ground Breaking Rsearch and Academic Events
The unit will monitor international journals and websites of universities and other academic organizations to identify academic events such as seminars, conferences that may interest academic staff and students. All the information is published in a unit newsletter is issued twice a month and goes to over 1500 persons in KFMC.
Monitoring Advances in Research
A major international journal in each basic science, clinical, or public health discipline will be selected and efforts will be made to make sure it is available by online subscription. New ground breaking research published will be included in the unit's monthly electronic newsletter.
Saudi Research Review
The unit's monthly newsletter will highlight reviews of cumulative research I specific fields undertaken in Saudi Arabia. An update will thus be made every month.