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Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs department at Faculty of Medicine provides a number of student services that are crucial to their academic progress and success. We are responsible for preparing the academic calendars, execution of the curriculum, running the exams, posting the grades, preparing faculty compensation forms, in addition to granting  access to our teaching and concerned staff to the on-line curriculum
We follow the standards of academic excellence to ensure that we provide a healthy academic environment.

Our values include:
• Communication
• Coordination
• Quality improvement
• Continuous feedback
• Accountability
• Timeliness
• Leadership
• Staff satisfaction      
We work to encourage intellectual diversity and offers stimulation and opportunity for self-motivated students who are interested in developing a scholarly, investigative approach to problems in medicine.
Provision of an academic environment which fosters excellence in education, research and excellent patient care.
Our faculty members include basic scientists, clinical health psychologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, respiratory therapists, physician assistants, and all branches of clinical medicine.