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iKFMC is designed to serve all employees and patients at King Fahad Medical City as well as vendors and publics. It provides the user with an easy, fast and efficient way to access the data they need anywhere and at anytime.   

  • - Through the Medical Services, patients can be aware of their upcoming appointments, medication refills, lab tests, radiology, diagnosis, reports and relatives' profile.
  • - Employees services allows employee to explore their vacations, salary and evaluations.
  • - iKFMC provides vendors with details about direct purchase and tenders.
  • - iKFMC also provides a service for public, that includes Medical  Referral, Health Education, International Days, Patient-related religious guidelines, KFMC News, Important KFMC contact numbers, patient satisfaction survey, and additional information about KFMC.

King Fahad Medical City aims to provide patients with an easy access to information by its electronic medical services in iKFMC mobile application for personal smart devices that are available on both Android and IOS system,

The medical services include:

  • - Patient Appointments, which allows patients to add their appointments to their mobile calendar for reminders of appointments, as well as the ability to print or cancel appointments.
  • - Medications, that provides patients with all their prescribed medications along with the date requested and needed information about the usage of the medication.
  • - Lab Tests, that includes all the tests with the status of the results availability.
  • - Radiology, which includes appointments and reports with their results.
  • - Diagnosis, where patients can find all the diagnosis along with beneficial health education resources for each diagnose.
  • - Reports, that varies between medical reports, sick leave reports, watcher leave reports, and discharge summary.
  • - Relatives' names and their medical record number.


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